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NFC West Predictions

September 8, 2011

The final division, and the one that for so long was such a push over, but no longer… okay, maybe a few more years.

4. 49ers.  I like the 9ers, and I like what Harbaugh is going to do to this team, but last night I had the realization that perhaps the reason that he is starting Alex Smith is so that he can coast into last place and get Andrew Luck, and bring their glory days at Stanford to San Fran.

3. Seahawks.  OMG they got a bunch of other teams rejects and the injury prone Sidney Rice who minus Brett Favre has had an average career.  They’re gonna be the best team ever.  Wrong.  T-Jack will show us how to play like, well, T-Jack.  Him starting to me might be just another sign from another coach (this time, Pete Carroll) that they’re trying to coast right into that 1st round pick to try to have Luck turn their fortunes around (note: I am not sure I’m on board yet with Luck, look what happened to Locker (granted I still think Locker is going to be the best QB from this draft, but that’s another story)).

2. Cardinals.  Zona is doing all the right things to be competitive in a relatively weak division.  The signed Larry Fitzgerald to a long-term deal, beyond that everything else is gravy.  Which bring me to Kevin Kolb, the most delicious gravy that Zona has had at QB since Kurt Warner left.  They two seem to make a great tandem, and they will be very competitive in the West this year.

1. Rams.  STL has the best QB in the division by far.  Sam Bradford the last #1 overall pick before the lockout rules changed their salary rules still seems to be worth it after his first season.  If he can keep up those kinds of numbers the rams will win this division.  Also, too many people are counting Steven Jackson down and out, don’t think that’s necessarily the case, he’s still a good back and should help the Rams.

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