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NFC South Predictions

September 7, 2011

To catch up before the season starts I’ll write two today and finish off with the final division on the opening day of the season.  The NFC South is another tough division to predict especially with players capable of so many drastic performances, in particular at QB.  The worst QB in the division (in my opinion) is Cam Newton.  That doesn’t mean that he won’t show that same out right ability to win like he did in college.  Now the predictions.

4. Panthers.  Well duh, they were the worst team last year, this is such an easy prediction–or is it?  The panthers will most likely be the worst team in this division, but don’t expect them to be the push overs they were last year.  Expect them to win some games and expect them to upset a lot of teams.  They will be a fierce competitor and no where as bad as they were last year.

3. Buccaneers.  They are a good young team of the future, and Josh Freeman is a great up and coming QB that could will this team to a few extra wins, but again this division is going to be tough and they could be much higher in this division.  I predict them to finish 3rd mostly based on their inexperience and the talent on the other two teams ahead of them.

2. Saints.  The Saints offense is potent with the pass game.  Drew Brees has shown many people that he’s a great QB (take that San Diego).  Now with the addition of Mark Ingram, I feel the saints have an all around offense capable of putting up lots of points as well as possible running out games now with Ingram.  The Saints will be back in top form, and watch for them not to lose to the NFC West winners again.

1. Falcons.  Atlanta has made some big moves this offseason.  Julio Jones and Ray Edwards being two of the bigger names (although I disagree with Ray Edwards, Jared Allen, Pat Williams, and Kevin Williams would make me look like a pretty awesome DE especially only a few years removed from the roids).  Their Offense looks to be over powering for most defenses, so it will be interesting to see if the Falcons of 2010 can keep their magic going and be the first team to win the NFC South in consecutive seasons.

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