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NFC North Predictions

September 7, 2011

Sorry folks for the delay.  I don’t tend to right on the weekend, and I was ill yesterday.  So after my return from the IR (migraine) I think it appropriate to talk about the NFC North where migraines have slowed the Vikings star reciever Percy Harvin a fair share of times.

The NFC North is the hardest to predict in my opinion.  I think that with the exception of the Packers finishing last, I could see anyone finishing in any position in this division.  That being said, here’s how I feel that it will end, but I won’t be shocked if I’m completely wrong.

4. Bears.  That’s right, I said Bears.  Falling from 1st to 4th.  The Vikings are familiar with that story line, so why won’t that trend continue in the NFC North.  The Bears did little to help their team, their players are mad at them for not getting contract extensions, and Jay Cutler has no one (talented) to throw the ball to.  Despite what a large number of people think, this is exactly where I predict the Bears to finish.

3. Vikings.  The Vikings had their collapse of a season last year, and started their rebuild in week 11.  New coach (Leslie Frazier), they broke the Iron man (Brett Favre), and they woke up the sack master (Jared Allen). Watch for the Vikings to return to 2009 form.  That being said, don’t expect them to finish just a FG away from the Superbowl, but also don’t expect the catastrophic breakdown they had last year.

2. Lions.  The Lions are a much improved team.  I was always onboard with Stafford being one of the best QBs in the league.  He definitely looked the part in the preseason, but whether or not he’ll hold onto it will be how the Lions fair.  I think that he will barring another injury, which would almost certainly end his career as a Lions glass QB.  I don’t think he’ll be injured, and the Lions will be a far better team.

1. Packers.  I said the Packers would surprise me to finish 4th.  So naturally I predict them to finish first.  The Packers will be the reverse of last year in my opinion.  The will have a strong crushing regular season, I’m thinking in the ball park of 14-2.  I think that flame (slash) other teams’ desire to be them to be the Packers undoing, and have a finish to the 2011 season much like the Falcons and Patriots did last year (Perhaps even at the hand of the Falcons).

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