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NFC East Predictions

September 2, 2011

Day 5 of the predictions has led us squarely to the NFC East.  A division that for oh so long had been the great division, but now has had seasons here and there where it struggles. 

4. Redskins.  Let’s face it, Shanahan wants to build his team the way he wants to build it, a very respectable thing.  That being sad, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the Redskins.  They will be at the bottom of the East, possible the bottom of the NFC, and darn near the bottom of the NFL.

3. NY Giants.  It’s tough for me to predict this (not that I like the Giants).  The Giants are nowhere near a 3rd in the division team, but the top of this division is very good.  That being said, it’s not all that unlikely that the Giants sneak into second, but that seems unlikely.  Eli Manning will have to carry this team if that is to happen, and Manning isn’t know for his ability to career 300+ pound players.

2. Cowboys.  “America’s team” hated by almost everybody north of Oklahoma City, looks to return to their winning ways after a dreadful 2010 season (slash dreadful coach).  Garrett should lead the Cowboys offense far better, and Ryan looks to improve the defense by leaps and bounds.  Expect Dallas to compete and very likely be a playoff contender.

1. Eagles.  The Eagles looked good last year until they got beat by the Packers.  Although once the playoffs started, didn’t most teams look ugly because of the Packers.  People say that Vick struggled against blitzing but watch for that not to be the case this year.  Vick has matured drastically since his stay in the big house, and he will learn from his mistakes based on his new maturity.  Eagles expected to be the most dominant team, but I don’t think that will be the case.  If they can all come together, watch for them to be the best in the NFC and the Patriots to be the best in the league.

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