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AFC West Predictions

September 1, 2011

The final remaining division in the AFC brings us out West to a division that was a joke a few years back, but it quickly turning out some good teams. 

4. Raiders.  Let’s face it, the Raiders are trying to do the right things to build a good team, but it’s just not happening.  Jason Campbell has been 3 times the QB that JaMarcus Russel was, but that doesn’t mean he alone can change around this franchise.  The drafting of Tyrelle Pryor just shows that while Oakland is trying to do somethings right, they’re still stuck in their old ways.  Oakland will be at the bottom of this division, but don’t expect them to roll over and die like most teams at the bottom, if a few bounces go their way, they could easily be higher up in this division.

3. Chiefs.  I’m going a little bit bold in this division, but I like what Kansas City has done, and I feel that they will be an under-appreciated team (even by me).  The Chiefs acquisition of Steve Breaston alongside Dwayne Bowe, mixed with the impressive Jamaal Charles gives KC a chance to be very competitive and again could be higher in this division; however, if Matt Cassell doesn’t step up and be the free agent pick up that he was 2 years back, then watch for KC to possibly slide even further down to the bottom of the division and possibly league.

2. Broncos.  I’m a huge Broncos fan and a huge Kyle Orton fan.  That’s not why I have them up to 2nd in the division when they finished 2-14 last year.  John Fox (who I’m not a huge fan of) and the change back to a 4-3 D will make the Broncos vastly more competitive this year.  I think that Orton continues his dominance throwing the football (for most of the early part of the season Orton was on pace to 5,000 yards passing).  If they continue to have the defensive problems they had last year, they could remain in the league’s cellar, but don’t count on that.  Expect the Broncos to have a good season and potentially push for a Wild Card spot.

1. Chargers.  Phillip Rivers will carry this team once again.  With all of the other teams incapable of prying Malcolm Floyd away from SD, Rivers looks to have all his weapons back.  The Chargers will be a forced to be reckoned with.  I think the Chargers easily win this division, bringing the real question to be, will they start to win some playoff games against some of the super powers in the AFC.

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