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AFC South Predictions

August 31, 2011

Now on to the South Division where the Constant Colts are starting to run into trouble with their defense and QB’s neck.  The other three teams have all been very interesting to watch, sometime they show signs of greatness, at others, they show why the Colts have been atop this division oh so often.

4. Jaguars.  The Jaguars have many problems, but the biggest problems they have are having to play the Colts, Texans, and Titans twice every year.  MJD will not be the back that he once was, and I feel that Garrard will lose his starting job, however, that could be solely based on the O-line.  The Jags will fall to the bottom of this division where they could stay for a while unless Gabbert shows that he can be a pro-style QB.

3. Titans.  The Tennessee Titans are looking for a rough year ahead.  Even if they get Chris Johnson signed soon, it will be awhile until he gets back into the flow of the offense.  Expect that both he and the Titans to have a rough and ugly year.  That said, perhaps when Johnson does sign, Jake Locker will be making his first NFL appearances and the franchise can start yet another turn around (but maybe this one will stick unlike the Kerry Collins/Vince Young led turn arounds).

2. Texans.  The Houston Texans offense seems to be complete.  They can run, they can throw, at times their down right scary.  What will be scary to the Texans fans is their Defense.  It will be very disappointing and when they need them to come through, don’t expect it always to happen.  The 3-4 defenses of Wade Phillips always tend to be a disappointment to its fans.  They will have some growing pains at first, but perhaps the Phillips of old will get them back on track and win some games, but it’s tough to win this division.

1. Colts.  Sure the Colts are the easy pick, and I could see them falling back if the two big ifs from the Texans and Titans happen (Texans D and CJ2K).  I on the other hand don’t like to play with ifs.  I think that Peyton will play from Day one, and lead the Colts well enough to lead this division.  Sure you could say Peyton is an if, but I don’t see a guy with the 2nd longest start streak in NFL history as an if to play and play well.

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