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AFC East Predictions

August 29, 2011

I will now be covering predictions for each division over the next 8 days leading up to the start of the NFL season.  That being said, they are only predictions, and every year someone suprises me.  The Vikings last year and the Saints in 09 just to name a few.


4. Dolphins.  I love the Dolphins.  I particularly like their move to go younger at RB (Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush).  I have never been sold on Chad Henne, but I like him as a Dolphins fan and I wish the best for him.  I was hoping my favorite team–to be unnamed–to draft Pat Delvin, they didn’t, but I think that Miami is a good place for him.  Matt Moore isn’t a starting QB in my opinion either, giving Devlin a chance, probably around the fall of 2013 or 14 though.  I think overall the dolphins did little to help themselves in this already intense division.

3. Bills.  I think that the Bills made some good offseasons moves, my personal favorite is for utility man Brad Smith.  The Bills probably won’t improve all that much, unless Ryan Fitzpatrick does, which I feel he could, making the Bills no longer in the cellar of their own division any more.

2. NY Jets.  I don’t buy all the off-season hype that the Jets get every year.  This year too I felt that they were too focused on Nnamdi Asomugha to be effective in the short and intense offseason.  I understand their desire to want him in a division that has the Patriots, but they shouldn’t have let the rest of their team fall apart while that was occuring.  That being said, the Jets will still be good, but it’s tough to be at the top of the East since the emergence of Tom Brady.

1. Patriots.  Duh.  Is that all I have to say.  Tom Brady’s amazing performance last year is no suprise.  It also is very likely that he’ll do it again.  The way he sees the field, the way he spreads the ball around, the way Bellicheck finds great players from places most people haven’t heard of.  It’s hard to pick against the Patriots, and watch for Chad Johnson (I know him by no other name) to have a good season for them once he catches on.  He has a chance to win a Superbowl, something he never had in Cincinnati.

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