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Big Z’s Fantasy Board: TE

August 4, 2011

Thursday of our fantasy work here at Big Z’s NFL Blog brings us to the TE position.  A position that can either bring loads of fantasy points, or many months of frustration for those of you who draft like me and don’t care about TEs.

1. Antonio Gates
2. Dallas Clark
3. Jason Witten
4. JerMichael Finley
5. Vernon Davis
6. Tony Gonzales
7. Owen Daniels
8. Rob Gronkowski
9. Brandon Pettigrew
10. Jimmy Graham
1. Gates is a proven great TE, and will continue to do so this year.  Rivers likes throwing him the ball and fantasy owners will like having him on their team.  Watch how his foot injury may affect him this year though.
2. Peyton Manning, need I say more.  Yes, Dallas Clark runs like a WR and is coming off missing a lot of last season, Manning will like having him back.
3. Witten will benefit a lot from having Tony Romo back (that’s the closest to a compliment I will ever give Tony Romo).
4. Aaron Rodgers won’t know what it’s like to throw to people other than Driver and Jennings and have them not drop the ball, he’ll like Finley.
5. The 9ers are due to be good eventually, I don’t know that this is their year, but if it isn’t, Vernon Davis will be the one carrying them to their 5-11 finish.
6. The Falcons will have a “high flying” offense with lots of passing yards, Gonazales will be involved as another great dome team looks to put up insane passing numbers
7. Schaub will also have great numbers, don’t look for Owen Daniels to be a major threat to score, but he’ll have good numbers otherwise.
8. Tom Brady has shown us the past couple of season how much he likes to get his TE involved, this year will be no different.  He may be a slightly riskier option as Hernandez might get more involved
9. Pettigrew I put higher than most people but I think that Stafford is going to stay healthy this year, and he will have to have a big year to keep his QB job, and he’ll have to keep Johnson and Pettigrew involved to do so.
10.  Saints throw the ball a lot, and with Brees loving to spread it around, watch for Graham to be involved.

To Stay away from:

Drafting a TE too early.  Don’t get me wrong TEs can be very helpful to an offense, but if you’re not getting a high end TE stay away from drafting one too early.  I’ve seen far too many people waste picks on TEs.


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