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Big Z’s Fantasy Board: WR

August 3, 2011

Day 3 of our fantasy board has some interesting things that have changed just over the last couple of days.  Some have big risks added to them, and others become a safer pick.

1. Andre Johnson
2. Greg Jennings
3. Roddy White
4. Calvin Johnson
5. DeSean Jackson
6. Hakeem Nicks
7. Larry Fitzgerald
8. Mike Wallace
9. Reggie Wayne
10. Mike Williams (TB)
1. Houston is going to be throwing the ball, who better to throw it to than Andre Johnson.  Keep up to date on his dislocated finger before drafting him too high.
2. Greg Jennings is the key point to the Packers passing game as Donald Driver gets older, and Jennings begins to look more impressive, watch for him to have a monster season.
3. Roddy White’s numbers could take a slight hit with the addition of Julio Jones, the fact that they’ll be able to run better with teams more afraid of their passing game, and the fact that he’s going to see more double coverage after last year.  But he’s good and still going to have a great year.
4. Calvin Johnson is a freak, and Matthew Stafford has no one else to throw to, seems like a no brainer.
5. DeSean Jackson is a great player with insane explosiveness.  Watch for him to continue to be the target Vick never had in ATL and for the Eagles to continue to do well.  Assuming he ends his holdout soon.
6. Hakeem Nicks has surprised me in the past, but now I see that he’s a really good target for Eli.  He will have a big season as the Giants will need him to inorder to be competitive.
7. Larry Fitzgerald in my opinion is the best WR in all of football… Kolb didn’t impress me enough, but clearly showed someone in Arizona he can be a starter.  I still don’t think he’ll make Fitz have as good of numbers as he’s capable of though.
8. Mike Wallace is a fast receiver who is capable of making plays.  The days of the Steelers powering the run game all game are gone, watch for him to have another decent year.
9. Reggie Wayne, the last player Manning has to throw to at WR.
10. Mike Williams of TB, as Josh Freeman grows, so will Mike Williams, these two could be dangerous this year.

To stay away from:

Sidney Rice.  Sidney has kept Tarvaris in the league too many times by making miraculous catches.  He will most likely continue to do it, but his numbers may never return to where they were in 2009 with Bert Fav-rey.  In fact if you’ve read any articles about Rice without Favre, the numbers are quiet pathetic.  Stay clear of him.


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