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Big Z’s Fantasy Board: RB

August 2, 2011

Today we will feature the running backs.  I would also like to state that I pick players that I think will do well.  Some of the people I think will do well are despite my prejudices against them.  I couldn’t care less for Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but note on yesterday’s blog where I put them.  Anyway, on to RBs…

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Chris Johnson
3. Arian Foster
4. Michael Turner
5. Ray Rice
6. Jamaal Charles
7. LeSean McCoy
8. Maurice Jones-Drew
9. Frank Gore
10. Steven Jackson
1. AP: Vikings fans be proud, AP is going to be impressive this year.  I will not say that about any other aspect of their team though, cause I don’t know if it will be true.
2. Chris Johnson will do better than last year.  Like AP his offense is falling apart too and he’ll have to do his best to hold it together.
3. Arian Foster won’t have the amazing season he had last year, and with the Texans D struggling, look for them to not run much in the latter parts of games.
4. Michael Turner will have few teams focusing on him with all of the other offensive weaponry.  Expect him to be very open in checkdowns and wide open for runs.  He doesn’t have the mileage on him that other RBs of his age do, so expect him to be able to go strong at least for one more year.
5. Watch out for the little guy.  He’s built like a brick and loves to take hits just as much as the next RB.  The Ravens will try to utilize him to take some pressure off of Flacco and could have big numbers because of it.
6. Jamaal Charles is a great RB and very fast, I think he’ll drop off a bit this year, but I also believe this to be a great group of RBs.
7. Vick is always part of great running teams, because defenses worry a lot about him.  McCoy will have a good season as Vick loves to scramble around and then find TEs and RBs as checkdowns.
8. MJD, I’m not as onboard with him as the rest of the fans are, I feel that he’s going to struggle this year as the jaguars will as well.
9. Frank Gore is a beast and the 9ers struggles in the past haven’t slowed him down, so why should their struggles this year be any different?
10. Steven Jackson, always a great back who does well in all aspects of the RB position, I put him on here despite the fact that most people think Mendenhall should be in the top 10.  Jackson is a far superior back.

RBs to avoid:

I may be eating my own words here in a couple of months, but I’m going to say LeGarrette Blount.  I just don’t see him putting up the kind of numbers he had last year.  Tampa Bay has the 2nd youngest roster (25.1) this year, and that is another reason I don’t think the team will do well.


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