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Big Z’s Fantasy Board: QB

August 1, 2011

Everyday this week I will be putting my order for fantasy football predictions up.  Now, if you are looking online at other options, note that sometimes mine vary quiet a bit.  That being said, I didn’t/won’t (some of my drafts haven’t occurred yet) necessarily draft this way myself even.  I just know that there are no fantasy consequences for saying it on a blog.  Today we’ll start with QBs.

1. Tom Brady
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Michael Vick
4. Phillip Rivers
5. Peyton Manning
6. Matt Schaub
7. Matt Ryan
8. Drew Brees
9. Ben Roethlisberger
10. Joe Flacco
1. Tom Brady has shown us he has no signs of slowing down and Bill Belichick will use this panicked free agency period to his advantage putting his smarts to good use (I wrote this as the lockout was ending, the add Ochocinco who will be helpful to their offense).  Tom Brady threw the least INTs by anyone throwing at least 200 attempts.  Watch the Patriots to be a Powerhouse for at least another few years led by Brady.
2. The Packers dominated the Playoffs last year and Rodgers had a great season with almost no one healthy around him.  Watch for him to have another great season, but like the patriots of last year, to be upset in the playoffs.
3. Michael Vick will have lots of people reaching to take him early in their drafts (I’ll probably be included in that).  If the eagles mastermind [Andy Reid] continues to run the wildcat deep in the red zone, expect Vick to put up loads of rushing TDs making him the strongest Option for lots of fantasy points; however that’s taking a big risk as LeSean McCoy continues to work into a better RB.
4. Phillip Rivers and the Chargers love to throw the ball.  This hot head has the potential to put up lots of fantasy points, but with Gates getting older expect his numbers to take a slight hit.
5. Peyton Manning’s production was down last season, but he’s still capable of putting up very good fantasy numbers, and if the first 4 are gone, Peyton seems to be the safest bet.
6. Expect the Texans D to suffer this year with the switch to 3-4 and the limited time to practice it with the lockout.  This means the Texans will be playing from behind a lot, and Schaub will be throwing all game long, every game.  Expect him to struggle at times, and others to have huge fantasy numbers as he tries to keep his team in games.
7. Matt Ryan and the Atl offense became very intriguing during this year’s draft.  Roddy White who has been a machine, Tony Gonzales a TE legend, and now the addition of Julio Jones, watch for this team to put up big offensive numbers, assuming Matt Ryan doesn’t screw it up (which seems unlikely).
8. Drew Brees has one of the best throwing motions in football and is one of the most accurate QB’s in the game.  The addition of a run game (Mark Ingram)  should let him be more productive as a passer as they won’t have to rely solely on him.
9. The Steelers win games, and Roethilsberger throws TDs.  I’ll leave my biases out of this one.
10.  Joe Flacco can be more than just a game manager, if he is capable of doing that, then watch for the ravens to be good and Flacco to put up decent numbers.

Stay away from:

Rookie QBs.  The shortened pre-season isn’t the only reason.  I thought this draft class of QBs to be good, but all safe bets.  For now, it doesn’t seem as though we have any Peyton Mannings or Phillip Rivers, guys who go out and just win.  Also, look at the teams around the league who picked up QBs early in the draft, most seem to be back pedaling or already have fallen apart.  Carolina, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Cincinnati, and San Fransisco are the teams, and Minnesota (with Christian Ponder) seems like the best situation, but with them bringing in McNabb, even Ponder shouldn’t be picked up, at least not in a draft.


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