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Favre Return?

July 29, 2011

Brett Favre is Retired.  That’s not news.

Brett Favre is waiting for someone to make him an offer.  That’s not news either.

Yet a team may be dumb enough to give the 41 year old future hall-of-famer another chance despite his absolute meltdown in 2010.  Injuries, the end of his start streak, the acusations of inapropriate messages; are just a few of the reasons to describe Favre’s 2010 meltdown.  Yet I strongly believe that if Brett is willing to take a backseat to a 20-some year old QB, Favre might still have a career.  Bengals I’m looking at you.  Someone to train Andy Dalton, we all know it won’t be Carson Palmer, he hates the Bengals.  PanthersCam Newton isn’t really ready to start based on the lockout, and the Panthers need somone to carry their team.

These are all just speculation, but definitely something to think about.  Don’t expect that Favre is retired yet, unless he isn’t on a team by November (even then maybe not).

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